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Wall & Truck Mural Advertising

  • Unlimited Size
  • Unlimited Colors & Media Style
  • Snap-Cap Aluminum Frame
  • Silver or Black Anodized Frames
  • Any Size Flexible or Ridge
  • Fast Graphic Changeouts
  • No Special Tools
  • No Visible Fasteners

Wall & Truck Mural Billboard Video

Wall & Truck Aluminum Frame Mural Billboards

Wall & Truck Banner Billboard Aluminum Frames turn any wall, truck, or semi-flat surface into an eye-catching billboard. They are the perfect aluminum frame to use to install large format banners. Using screws or rivets to install the frame, the self-tensioning frame provides easy and quick banner installation and removal. Banners do not require any finishing including hems, grommets, or pole sleeves. The frames are proudly manufactured in California

Our Custom Printed Billboards can be printed in 1000 colors.

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changeable wall murals

Lower Cost Changeable Vinyl Wall Mural Frame Billboards

Traditional wall murals can cost up to thousands of dollars to produce and up to several months to apply. Once the image is applied to the surface, it will cost hundreds to thousands of dollars to remove, and up to a week to remove. As shown below, we've designed a Changeable Wall Mural Frame that provides the following advantages over traditional wall murals.

Commercial (Business)

The frames can be used both for indoor and outdoor on the walls and fences of their building. In addition to this, they can be used very successfully as a billboard on another person's business who has a wall facing the oncoming traffic whether it be on the streets or facing an on-ramp or exit facing a freeway. Many businesses close to the street have walls that are not being used that if someone were to want to place banners inside a frame that might be changed out every so often, the owners of those buildings or businesses would be very pleased to receive "X" amount of money every month just for letting a non-competing business "Rent" that wall from them. One of the problems with traditional billboards is that it's the billboard owners who dictate the areas someone can rent that space for and where their billboard is located. Let's say a billboard might cost say $1,000 to "X"thousands of dollars a month. A Wall and Truck Aluminum Banner Billboard can be rented from someone's wall for up to hundreds a month and not thousands. The advertisement costs would be a simple banner purchase after the one-time investment frame were purchased and installed, along with possibly up to 1 to 3 people to remove and install the banner. In addition to all this, many businesses have their own trucks or that are rented from other truck rental firms the frames and banners are extremely effective in sharing something about their firm.


Many industrial plants use safety banners both inside and outside that the frames will be welcomed by the team that purchases the banners from whomever. The frames now will provide an opportunity to see if you can now get them purchasing the banners from you instead of another firm! There will also be areas both indoor and outdoor that the Frame & Banner System can now be applied to an existing wall that no one ever thought of that can be used in a different manner! Industrial firms are always trying to figure out ways to share their latest and greatest invention since Ice Cream, but they simply don't know how other than to spend tremendous amounts of money on radio, TV and newspaper advertising. They all have a great building that has giant walls that can now become extremely effective and impressive to those driving and walking by their business but also to the people who visit their business to possibly purchase the products they manufacture. In addition to all this, many industrial firms have their own trucks or that are rented from other truck rental firms the frames and banners are extremely effective displaying their information on the sides of the trucks sharing something about their firm.

Aluminum Banner Frames


Anyone who owns a home has a backyard, a garage with a wall facing the backyard or both that the frames can now display a family's special event photos, images of places they've visited, on etc. The frames can also be mounted to all their fences too that are on at least two to four sides of their backyards.

The Great Cover up

Many buildings and trucks have areas that if what's on that building or truck possibly could be hidden can now be by using Wall & Truck Aluminum Banner Billboards. Whether to change information or to improve on the scratches, holes etc. that looks horrible from a building or truck, this can become an easy and great opportunity to fix what shouldn't be there in the first place!

Billboard Installation Video

Ground Mount Banner

Ground Mount Banner Frames hold banners tight in 3' X 6' to 4' X 24' sizes. The frame is made of heavy-duty steel and aluminum, is designed to use for years, and is designed extreme weather conditions. The entire frame comes with concealed "ground sleeves" that remove easily. The frame can be leveled on uneven or sloped surfaces.

Ground Mount Banner Frame

Roof Top Mount Banner

The Roof Top Banner Frames hold banners tight in 3' X 6' to 4' X 24' sizes. The frame is made of heavy-duty steel and aluminum, is designed to use for years, and is designed extreme weather conditions.

Roof top banner frame

Wall Mural Details

1. Artwork
Any approved artwork including photographs, 4-color process images, illustrations,etc. can be submitted for approval.
2. Aluminum Frame Size
The Aluminum Frames can be any size to meet the size of your Mural Artwork & can be installed on any flat or curved surface.
3. Aluminum Frame Colors
Aluminum silver or black anodized brush finish, or any custom powder-coated frame color.
4. Easy Mural Graphic Change Outs
Based on size can be up to a couple of hours or less
5. Changeable Mural Graphic Material
The Changeable Mural Graphic is a specially designed heavy-duty vinyl material that produces the brightest 4-color images possible and is built to take all outdoor weather conditions.
6. Aluminum Frame Application & Removals
Aluminum Frame installations and removals are easy and quick. (see Billboard Installation Video above)
7. Changeable Wall Mural Frame and Graphic Production Time
Up to 1 day for Aluminum Frames Silver or Black Anodized and Mural Graphics. Custom Powder Coated Aluminum Frames are 10 working days.

Aluminum Banner Frames

Wall Mural Pricing Chart

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