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Whether you have one color, or you want to flood your Custom Printed Flags with 1,000 color combinations, our price will always be the same. Custom Printed Flags are expensive, and we'll help you to the very best of our ability to meet your budget. Our goal is for you not to spend any more than you absolutely need in-order to meet all your goals in addition to purchasing flags that will last longer than any other flag manufactured nationwide.

We offer our Custom Printed Flags in any size from 4" X 6" up to a giant 30' X 60' size and with no set up charges. Our Custom Printed Flags are available in three different fabrics including 200 denier nylon, poly knit, and our exclusive polyester. Each fabric is used for a variety of applications. Our Custom Printed Flags can be printed in both single or double-sided printing. A double-sided Custom Printed Flag is literally two pieces of material sewn back to back with an inner liner to prevent the image from bleeding through to the opposite side. Banner Marketing Group is the only company nationwide who offers our flags sewn with our exclusive Bartack Style Sewing Method at no extra charge.


We're the only U.S. Based firm we know of who offers (6) Rows of Vertical Stitching & Reinforced Corners on all U.S. manufactured flags and at no extra charge. This type of sewing works similarly to our Reinforced Bartack Stitching as shown below. Both sewing styles are sold and used by commercial and residential accounts daily. Either style will provide the end user with the absolute best opportunity for your flag to last longer than any other flag manufactured here in the United States. Please keep in mind that for any flag that's flown on a traditional in ground flagpole, the flags longevity is based upon the flags wind resistance endured, in addition to the amount of moisture, and direct sun exposure the flag will have. Our flags require fewer yearly replacements. When available, you can use our Nationwide Flag Replacement Program. Our flags are not available in retail stores or on-line with any traditionally known firms.

Bartaack Stitching


The Wear Problem

All flags whether manufactured in nylon or heavy-duty polyester materials have several factors that affect their overall lifespan including a combination of any or all the following. No matter what the image is on the flag, the way a flag is sewn, the wind, moisture, Sun's UV rays as well as how many hours a day a flag is flown can all affect how long your flag will last. Traditionally, U.S. flag manufacturers offer an industry wide standardized method of sewing flags which guarantees them a steady income of flags replaced as often as possible and is due primarily to the material coming apart at any of the seams. The seam that traditionally comes apart first is the fly-end (the end that is flapping in the wind and furthest away from the flagpole) with the rest of the seams to follow.

The Wear Solution - Bartack Stitching Bartack Stitching

Whether it's stock or custom printed flags, we've reduced the one factor that allows flags from coming apart at the seams as soon as they normally do by incorporating Bartack style stitching (Reinforced Bartack Stitching or (6) Rows of stitching on the Fly Ends) exclusively into all of our United States manufactured flags. When you have two seams of material that have a great deal of stress on them and are used for industrial and institutional applications, they're normally sewn with a Bartack stitch. A Bartack stitch is a tight zigzag that is repeated back and forth over it' self to reinforce two or more pieces of material that are sewn together. Examples of Bartack stitching include products used in fire and police departments as well as for the military, luggage, sporting goods, and in clothing. All Levi's ® jeans clothing incorporates the Bartack stitch and is one of several reasons they last so long. Field tested 30' X 60' size flags that incorporates a tremendous wind resistance when flown with Bartack stitching have continuously shown to require fewer yearly replacements. In some conditions, the fly-end can be cut off and re-stitched using Bartack stitching for even longer flag life. Our United States manufactured flags last longer and save you more money than any other traditionally sewn flag.

Samples of Bartack Stiching


  1. Please keep the box your flag came in so it can be used later.
  2. Let us know the size of your flag, the quantity of inches from the right-hand side the flag is torn, and whether your flag has (6) Rows of Reinforced Stitching on the fly-end or has been Reinforced Bartack Stitched. If there is enough material from the right-hand side that can still be cut off and re-stitched, we will let you know the price including shipping and handling to have the flag resewn.
  3. After the flag has been returned to the production facility who manufactured the flag, They will re-confirm there is enough material left to cut off the torn section and re-stitch the flag so it will still fly properly for additional months to come.
  4. After you approve the price including shipping and handling, and after we receive payment, your Flag Repair will go into production.
  5. Please note: Banner Marketing Group does not guarantee the quantity of days or months, the re-stitched flag will be able to be used. The wind, moisture, and sewing all affect the performance of a flag.

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