Neon and LED Signs

Neon and LED Customizable Business Signs

  • Neon Glass business Signs
  • LED Dot Business Signs
  • LED Neon Flex Signs
  • LED Programmable Signs
  • Neon Flex Premium Signs
  • Custom Neon Signs
  • LED Signs
  • Outdoor Signs

Custom Neon & LED Business Signs

  • Neon Glass Business Signs
  • LED Dot Business Signs
  • LED Neon Flex Business Signs
  • LED Programmable Business Signs
  • LED Neon Flex Premium Business Signs
  • LED Neon Signs Made IN The USA

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Choose the Right Custom Neon and LED Sign for Your Business

Signs of all kinds have been used universally for many years. They include in the 21st Century Neon Signs that have stock slogan or messages such as OPEN / CLOSED, Custom Neon Signs such as those used in a restaurant, Metal Signs such as Laser Cut Signs made from aluminum or plastic materials, Business Signs to those used for personal use such as the ones in your Pool Room, LED Signs whose brightness allows them to be used outdoors where they are visible in the sun and can be used in many applications such as for personal use, businesses and billboards. LED Signs can also be designed to be customized in several different ways. In addition to these types of signs, Outdoor Signs, Neon Light Signs, Banners, and regular signs such as Wood Signs, are all amongst the many different types of signs that are all effective when choosing the correct application.

We meet your budget on all orders in addition to offering prices that will be lower than any advertised Internet price or quote at the time order is placed!


Neon Signs         Neon Sign Materials

Banner Marketing Group works with United States manufacturers only who can provide us with the correct type of signage (including flags) that might be best used for your application. Along with this, we provide educational tools such as the chart below that shows the color combinations and contrast along with the letter or character height that will allow your drive-by or walk-by traffic be sure to be able to read your message properly from any distance. A sign is only as good as the attention and desire it creates to have the reader want to stop their vehicle, walk into your business, and be willing to listen to the person they meet in that business to answer the questions you have. Whether it is a product or service a business offers, the first experience your perspective customer has is what they feel about the sign you decide on. It is like your business card, in that they need to be as special as you, your products or services are to your customers.

Banner Marketing Group Associates are trained to help guide you in choosing the correct type of sign that will accomplish your goal while staying within your budget. Jeff Alan and his staff are available from 8:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. Monday through Sunday including Holidays. Jeff Alan at (805) 528-5018 can also be reached by e-mail

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